How does someone become a Freemason?

This is a very common question   this page answers it in detail


How to Join Freemasonry

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      • To the best of my understanding and personal experience: Not knowing a Mason personally, does not disqualify one from inquiring or soliciting a membership. For clarity: I knew none myself, before I became one. Most Lodges have and maintain their own website, which will walk you through the process, and answer any questions you may have (including the minimum requirements for application). It may also come complete with a roster of officers. Included a Lodge Secretary. It is usually the Secretary, who’s duties involve the application process, and its subsequent applicants. Which is often began via email. I suggest you perform a web search, find the website of the nearest Lodge to your home, and proceed from there.

        Best regards,

        M.M. Bro. Dustin Wade

  1. I have applied at the Coronation Lodge In Newcastle south africa

    I have attented a few functions at the Lodge. The only issue is that live with parents.
    my heart and soul will be devoted for i find my self living in a society that has no has
    no houner

    Warm Regards

    Ismail Dinath

  2. Brief is that I find a place where I can register but until now I knew where I’m supposed to I subscribe, I also understand my responsibility after being a member,will be the very best I know where and what should I do

  3. I want to be a mason. I'm from the philippines. I don't know anyone who is a mason so I don't think the 2b1ask1 stuff will not apply to me. but I really want to be a mason, because its the only thing here on earth that speaks about the truth. I believe that there are other beings outside our planet, and that we got our knowledge from them. I've seen a lot of documentaries on history channel and nat geo about freemasonry and I'm really interested in becoming one. I don't know so far what I can contribute to the organization, but one thing I can surely give when I become one though, my devotion and loyalty.

  4. pwede po b ako makasali s womenmason hdi po ako mayaman at wala po ako negosyo nagagamuhan lang po ako? pwede po b ako sumale? saan ko po kau matatagpuan. tga manila lng po ako.

  5. I just like to know a lodge location here in Luzon, Philippines and I can do the rest. Please help me, i sincerely want to be a Freemason.

  6. I’m in nairobi (kenya) can somebody guide me to become a member,’ve tried but cannot make it on my own…please help

  7. how can be part of freemason i want to know the truth because i am an artist i wanna know the truth how to make money to be rich with music i do?

  8. my name is BOB. i am 21 years and willing to join this lovely brotherhood. please i want to know what and how it takes to be a very successful member of the FREEMASON society. this is my contact: 0573365530 and my e-mail:

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